World Series Broadcast Shows Potential Value of Jersey Patches

The team logos placed on the sleeves of the Houston and Washington jerseys during game one of the 2019 World Series were visible for 40 minutes, 12 seconds throughout the FOX broadcast. Had a sponsor’s logo been adorned to the same location on the jerseys, an exposure value of $5 million would have been realized.

Joyce Julius and Associates, Inc. — which specializes in measuring the scope of sponsorships across all forms of media — digitally monitored the patches worn on the left sleeve of each team during Tuesday night’s telecast. The Houston Astros jersey patches appeared clear and in focus for 20 minutes, 20 second, leading to a Recognition Grade exposure value of $2,716,785. The Washington Nationals jersey patches garnered 19 minutes, 52 seconds of screen time, good for a potential exposure value of $2,300,619.

Altogether the jersey patch location was detected on 1,176 occasions during the 4 hour, 15 minute telecast.

JJ&A’s method for valuing in-broadcast television time begins by comparing each monitored second of exposure to the program’s 30-second commercial rate. Then Recognition Grade methodology is applied, which takes into account digital measurements such as size of the identity in relation to the screen, position within the frame, brand clutter, and any applicable brand integration. A sighting is defined as an uninterrupted sequence of exposure, with a minimum duration of one second.