Study values UW football’s media exposure at more than $159 million

University of Wyoming football generated media exposure valued at over $159 million for the period from Aug. 1, 2017 through May 14, 2018, according to the final results of a UW-commissioned study.

Wyoming football received an inordinate amount of media attention last season because of quarterback Josh Allen, who in April became the highest-drafted player in UW football history (seventh overall to the Buffalo Bills).

In January, a preliminary report valued the program’s media exposure at $46,234,429. from the beginning of August through the end of 2017. The exposure from the start of 2018, 10 days after Wyoming’s season ended, through May 14, more than doubled that, coming in at $96,715,832. Also during that time, a valuation of $14,041,809 was placed on social media coverage. The valuation of $2,036,157 in social media coverage during the August-May period was not included in the original valuation. Altogether, the final valuation was $159,028,227.

“The valuation provided to us by Joyce Julius & Associates shows the impact that a successful football program can have on the exposure an athletics department and a university receives on a national level,” Wyoming athletics director Tom Burman said in a relrease. “Between the national attention that Josh gained throughout the season and leading up to the NFL Draft combined with the successful season that (head coach Craig) Bohl and his team put together, we now have a way to measure the value that Cowboy football brought to the University of Wyoming and the state of Wyoming.”

The study evaluated media coverage of nationally televised games, television news coverage, print media coverage, internet news coverage and social media coverage. The dollar amount is based on how much that exposure would cost if purchased at current advertising rates. The national television valuation in the study was calculated using a weighted formula, called Recognition Grade, which takes into account factors such as brand size on the screen, placement of the brand and clutter.

Wyoming football was featured on live television for a combined 21 hours and 54 minutes, and there were 84,779 total combined media mentions or articles surrounding Cowboy football in the fall of 2017 between nationally-televised games, television news coverage, print news and internet news. The study documented over 4.7 billion impressions (4,753,426,927) related to Wyoming football over all the media platforms included in the study from Aug. 1, 2017 to May 14, 2018.

Included in the total dollar amount was $15,263,270 of value from nationally televised Wyoming football games and live television coverage of the first round of the draft, $6,559,674 of value from television news coverage, $11,359,571 of value from print media coverage and $109,767,746 of value from internet news coverage. Social media coverage throughout the length of the study was valued at a combined $16,077,966.