Does Super Bowl Tourism Pay off for the Host City?

Destination & Tourism–Tons of economic studies have been done on the benefits of hosting big events such as political conventions, World Cups, Olympics and…Super Bowls. Some have said the expenditures by local governments—including paying for hotel rooms for both teams, NFL officials, a payout to the host team, and internal items such as increased security […]

LSU’s Playoff run results in $200 million advertising exposure

By Brad Crawford of 247Sports.com–In terms of branding and national exposure, LSU hit the lottery this season as the nation’s top-ranked team led by a Heisman quarterback and head coach who captivated the hearts of every college football viewer in the South. Jeremy Creutz, the director of sponsorship analytics for Joyce Julius and Associates, says […]

Beside the Rising Tide: The Finish You Didn’t See

By Matt McLaughlin of FrontStretch–There were plenty of last lap dramatics in Saturday’s truck series race at Martinsville. But if you were watching the race at home you never saw any of it … not live anyway. With two laps left to run and a three truck battle at the front of the field, FOX […]

2019 MLB Regular Season Stadium News Media Exposure Results

More than 1.2 million news media stories (TV-Internet-Print) referenced a Major League Baseball stadium by its proper name during this past regular season. According to research conducted by Joyce Julius & Associates, one out of every four news mentions of a baseball venue in 2019 referenced Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, or Yankee Stadium. The most-mentioned […]

The September Heisman Goes To…

Jonathan Taylor’s yardage explosion against Michigan two weeks ago helped propel the Wisconsin junior running back to the top of the Heisman heap, at least from a news media exposure standpoint. According to research conducted by Joyce Julius & Associates, Taylor’s name appeared within 19,300 news media stories (TV-Internet-Print) since the start of the college […]