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San Francisco's AT&T Park Ahead of Detroit's Comerica Park in Media Exposure on the Eve of the World Series

ANN ARBOR, MI, October 23, 2012– As the namesake of the San Francisco Giants' stadium, AT&T has amassed $39.1 million of media exposure value thus far during the 2012 Major League Baseball Post Season, more than $10 million ahead of its World Series counterpart, the Detroit Tigers' Comerica Park.

According to research conducted by Joyce Julius & Associates, Inc., which specializes in measuring the scope of sponsorships across all forms of media, AT&T Park, having hosted six playoff games, was mentioned by name during 1,851 television news and highlight programs from October 5 through Monday night's NLCS clinching game. The branded ballpark was also referenced in 14,574 Internet articles and 749 print news stories. When compared to the cost of reaching the estimated audience through traditional advertising, AT&T garnered a media exposure value of $39,058,521.

In comparison, Comerica Park, which hosted a pair of games in each of the Tigers first two playoff series, was referenced in 1,440 television programs. Print mentions of Comerica Park numbered 881 and Internet articles reached 9,660, leading to an exposure value of $28,744,644 for the sponsoring bank.

Hosting the maximum four games of the NLCS clearly led to an exposure advantage for AT&T. Meanwhile, despite a week without games, thanks to a Detroit sweep of the New York Yankees in the ALCS, Comerica Park still managed to draw media attention leading up to the World Series with the Tigers holding three days of workouts at the stadium.

The following table provides a comparison of news media exposure results for the five sponsored MLB stadiums participating in the post-season, from October 5 through October 22, 2012 .

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